Turnstile Gate

What type of turnstile gate do you need?

There are several styles of turnstile gate to choose from.  The right one for you depends on the top three factors for all gates; security needs, aesthetics and budget.


Full height turnstiles are a rugged, low-maintenance outdoor access control solution for the harshest outdoor conditions, acting as a deterrent against tailgating and unauthorized entry at your fence line. Full height turnstiles have been around for a long time and serve as a deterrent to unauthorized entry. Added sensors can detect when two people attempt to enter the turnstile using one credential and lock the turnstile, preventing entry. They can also determine when a person has presented their authorization, been approved allowing the turnstile to be unlocked, started to enter and then backed out. So, it will know the person did not enter into the secured area and will immediately lock the turnstile.

turnstile gateMan-Traps

Security Revolving Doors and Interlocking Mantrap Portals are used to prevent tailgating at highly sensitive areas, such as power plants, government buildings, utilities companies, court houses, aerospace facilities, government contractors, military bases, etc. Prevent tail-gating and piggy-backing. Allow 2-way simultaneous traffic flow and high traffic capacity. Interlocking portals allow 2-way traffic one direction at a time. Can be integrated with access control or Biometric access systems to maximize building security. You can even upgrade with bullet-resistant glass to provide additional protection.

Optical Turnstile Gate

One of the more popular types of turnstile now are optical or speed lanes.  When your facility needs secured entry that allows for a heavy, yet efficient, flow of traffic, optical turnstiles are ideal. They provide a clear visual deterrent against unauthorized entry, detect unauthorized entry attempts, and can even trigger alarms. When integrated with an access control system or biometric access control, optical turnstiles increase efficiency, ease-of-entry and reduce security costs.

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