Together with TIBA Parking Systems, FDC provides Florida businesses with automated paid parking solutions.  These revenue generating solutions utilize TIBA ticket dispensers, payment stations and software management solutions.

TIBA Solves the Parking Puzzle

tibaFDC puts all of the pieces of the parking puzzle together for you. Our parking consultants can help you design an entire revenue generating parking strategy. We explain how money will be managed and business processes will be communicated. TIBA equipment tells you the who, what, where, when, why and how of any element of your parking enterprise. Who is allowed to come and go from the facility? What will they use to identify themselves and grant access?  Where will they be granted access to?  When are they granted access? Why do different systems need to be in place? How does it all integrate and work together? Utilizing TIBA’s industry leading equipment, FDC will install a system that runs smoothly and productively for many years to come.

TIBA Systems

The MP-30 Ticket Issuer’s modular design and intelligent engineering make it the industry’s fastest and most reliable ticket dispensing device. This user friendly unit issues tickets and accommodates monthly cardholders with a TFT display and intercom for communication with patrons. TIBA’s logical design allows for additions without costly up-charges or additional devices in the lane.

Additionally, the APS-30 Pay-On-Foot Station is a compact design that allows for easy installation in confined areas and has a user-friendly interface. Get it configured for cash and credit transactions.

Lastly, patrons have options on how to pay for parking. After paying at the automatic pay station, patrons insert paid ticket into the SW-30 Exit Station ticket reader to open the gate. Those that have not paid can pay on exit with credit card.  The Exit Station retracts tickets for auditing purposes, and gives a receipt via the built-in receipt printer. The Exit Station includes a built-in intercom system and a proximity card reader.

These are just some of the TIBA parking solutions FDC utilizes in our revenue parking systems installations.  Contact FDC now for more information.