State Correctional Institution

A state correctional institution is a high security facility housing dangerous inmates.  As such, it requires more security than most other facilities, as you have to keep people out, but more importantly, you need to keep people in.  StrongWeld security gates are used at many facilities throughout the state of Florida.  In addition to an automatic gate system, these campuses require access control, pedestrian portals, and CCTV, all of which FDC can offer.

Securing a State Correctional Institution

State Correctional InstitutionA strong rolling gate combined with armed guards is an ideal way to protect vehicle entrances at a prison.  StrongWeld v-tracks take a slide gate smoothly across a roadway to secure a perimeter.  These gates are usually quite tall and topped with barbed wire or concertina wire for added protection.  These facilities put high demands on an operator, and HySecurity even offers an operator made specifically for these institutions.

Because of the nature of these facilities, perimeter fences require secured pedestrian portals.  Turnstiles, pedestrian gates with a gate closer, and even man traps are a must at these sites.  Eliminating any risk of people getting into areas they aren’t authorized to enter is key.

Keeping these entrances in proper working order is also of paramount importance.  FDC provides 24/7 emergency service and offers a few different service plans to ensure that your automatic gate system remains healthy.  Contact FDC today for more information.