Space Bases

space basesThe United States is a pioneer in flight and space exploration. With a network of space bases around the country, the U.S. is focused on mastering what is required to explore and eventually travel the final frontier, outer space. What a time to be alive? With all the excitement around UFOs and UAPs, space is at the forefront of many people’s minds.

Space bases are also known as spaceports, launch facilities, space centers and more. They are strategically located to put payloads into orbit and deposit boosters or rockets into the ocean. One of the most popular space complexes is Kennedy Space Center, located in Port Canaveral, Florida. NASA has used this location for historic Apollo missions to the moon as well as the deployment of the Mars rover.  The house and launch satellites for communication, observation, navigation and military purposes.  They send crews into space on exploration and technological advancement missions.  These facilities provide intel that plays a crucial role in our national security.  They are a vital part of what makes life what it is today!

What do Space Bases Require?

With top secret projects taking place at these facilities, space bases require top level access control and physical security.  Much like military bases, entrances must be protected either buy guards and/or sophisticated access control methods.  Badges, cards and fobs are all commonplace here for the common areas where the more secure areas would incorporate biometric systems.  These systems go on security gates and doors.

Hostile-Vehicle Mitigation

These sites are at risk of hostile vehicle intrusion and may require crash gates or crash barriers to stop vehicles from being able to breach the perimeter.  M30 or M50 barriers can cut into a speeding vehicle with ease.  Bollards, wedge types and full fledged gates create an impassible blockade, disabling any vehicle that attempts ramming them.

What does the Future Hold?

Space is becoming a topic of discussion in every household more and more each day.  We have seen numerous technological leaps in the past few years.  The future is now, and it is happening before our eyes.  Eventually we will see commercial spaceports for space tourism.  When this time comes, the Space Force will play a vital role in keeping the skies safe, and FDC will play a vital role in keeping their facilities secure.