Slide Gate Opener

slide gate openerWhen it comes to choosing the right slide gate operator, the SlideDriver 2 slide gate opener is the operator of choice.  Many industrial and commercial sites rely on the HySecurity brand of heavy-duty, high-traffic operator to keep their gates functional at all times.  Let’s take a look at what makes this gate opener the reliable choice.

SlideDriver 2: Slide Gate Opener

Meet the next generation of SlideDriver from HySecurity: SlideDriver II builds upon a legacy of security and reliability with the new SmartTouch 725 control board. The SmartTouch 725 controller adds over 20 features to SlideDriver II and is smarter than ever with use of the HySecurity Installer App.

• Contactless solid-state limits
• New electrical enclosure
• Digital pressure gauge
• Adaptive IES based on hydraulic pressure
• New VFD models



• Solenoid lock
• Heater
• Xtreme Drive™
• Galvanized finish
• Stainless steel chassis
• T-Lock
• SmartTouch 720 for highly secure applications
• Corrections upgrade
• Deadbolt lock plate
• Padlock hasp
• Remote release


Bluetooth Connectivity
HySecurity Installer App
BlueBus Inputs
Nice OXI Receiver Port
2-Line Digital OLED Display
Integrated 7-Day Timer
Improved User Interface
100K Entry Event Log
5 Programmable Inputs for Sensors or Detectors
Dedicated Inputs For Dual Gate And Sequence Gates
Toolless Wire Terminals
USB Port
Ethernet Port
Integrated HyNet Technology
4 Hy5B Vehicle Detector Slots
Programmable Relay Outputs
Contactless Solid-State Limits
Digital Pressure Gauge
Adaptive IES Based on Hydraulic Pressure
New Electrical Enclosure
See-Through Lid
SmartTouch 725 Controller
New VFD Models

Installation Simplified. The SmartTouch 725 controller is simple to configure with the HySecurity smart phone Installer App. Connect wirelessly to SmartTouch 725 controllers to change settings, make adjustments, and run diagnostics. Settings can be stored as a record, uploaded, and reused on other operators to speed up configuration.

SlideDriver 2