Security Gates

Security Gates

Florida’s most trusted security gates; the FDC StrongWeld automatic gate system.  An industry standard for over 40 years, these gates are built with high-quality materials and are automated with the right electric gate operator for the job.

Sliding Automatic Security Gates

FDC StrongWeld security gates are available in a variety of sizes (typically up to 40 feet in length).  The automatic slide gate, or rolling gate as it is sometimes called, is constructed of an aluminum frame and aluminized chain-link fabric, making it lightweight, secure, and durable.  It slides along a V-track embedded in the roadway beneath it.  It requires level ground and an equal distance of track behind it for the gate to sit on while in the open position.  FDC builds StrongWeld gates to last in any environment.

Sliding Automatic Security Gates Example

As displayed above, a slide gate requires a flat surface for the V-track to lay on and a long back-track area for the gate to rest on while in the open position.


Cantilever Security Gate

When there is uneven ground or not enough room for a back track, a cantilever gate system is recommended.  In this set up, the gate is suspended above the ground by rollers on gate posts.  This allows the gate slide open over curbs, ditches or dips in the ground.  In order to balance, the gate has to be double the length of the opening you wish to close, so it does require quite a bit of clear space behind the opening.


cantilever security gate

Cantilever Security Gates Example

As displayed above, a cantilever gate does not require a flat surface, it can be used over uneven terrain but still requires adequate clearance for open gate.


Swinging Security Gates

Swing gates are less secure than, and in-turn, less expensive than slide gates.  When there isn’t room for slide gates or cantilever gates, a swing gate would be used.

Swinging security gates operate on a simple mechanism: they swing open and closed, similar to a standard door, but are fortified and designed for exterior use. These gates can be single or double, swinging in one or both directions, and are often powered by manual or automated systems.

Automatic Swing Security Gate Example


Other Types of Security Gates

Other styles of security gates include lift gates, tilt gates, sectional grilles, barrier gates and crash gates.

Lift Gates

Enhancing Security and Efficiency

Lift barrier gates are pivotal components in the infrastructure of modern parking lots, controlled community accesses, and various security checkpoints. Their primary function is to manage vehicle access in and out of a particular area, enhancing both security and traffic control. Modern barrier gates are adaptable and can be integrated with various technologies such as RFID systems, license plate recognition, and intercom systems for seamless operations.

Tilt Gates

Other styles of security gates include lift gates, tilt gates, sectional grilles, barrier gates and crash gates.

Electric Gate Operators

FDC StrongWeld security gates roll across a V-Track, keeping them in line minimizing wear-and-tear on your electric gate operator.  Depending on the amount of traffic you receive and other environmental factors, it is very important to pick out the proper electric gate operator to suit your needs.  Your operator is built to maintain a certain amount of cycles per day, and pull a certain weight.  Straying from these specifications can greatly reduce your operator’s lifespan.  In other words, you need an operator that is strong enough to take the wear and tear that your customers or residents put on it.  For example, a low cycle operator would be used for a single-family residence.  On the contrary, we would use a commercial grade operator at a gated community.  Lastly, we would use a high-cycle, industrial operator at a factory or other high-traffic location.

Automatic sliding gates services include:
Automatic sliding gates installation
Access Control Installation
Automatic Gate Opener repair and service
Access control solutions integration
Gate Maintenance plans

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