Rolling Gate

Rolling Gate

When it comes to physical security, nothing beats a StrongWeld rolling gate

rolling gatesWhen it comes to physical security, nothing beats a StrongWeld rolling gate.  Our V-track slide gates are less complicated and more cost-effective than cantilever gate systems, making them the optimal choice for power plants, substations, utilities companies, correctional facilities (prisons & jails), and other government buildings throughout the states.  With an access control solution, these create a fully automatic gate system.

Rolling Gate

These gates, also called slide gates or sliding gates, require a track that the gates rolls along.  This track should be kept free of debris.  If rocks, debris and dirt tend to collect in the area of the gate, it is wise to clean the track regularly.  Sometimes a brush can be added to the leading edge of the gate to assist in this matter.  The design is simple and easy to maintain, making this a popular choice for end-users and maintenance personnel.

Cantilever Gate

A cantilever gate, by contrast, does not ride along a ground-based track, so the possibility of debris being an issue goes down.  They provide smooth and quiet operation.  They are considered to be of the highest security and are harder to force open due to their design. Both gate styles can be design-built to fit your application.  Industrial StrongWeld gates are typically fitted with chain link fabric and have an anodized aluminum finish.  These are your standard security gates.  However, if you prefer an ornamental design, they can be fitted with pickets and powder coated to protect against the elements.  Picketed gates have specific spacing requirements to meet UL standards.

StrongWeld  gates

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