Roll Up Doors

roll up doors installationRoll up doors are used in many different sectors and applications.  In commercial and industrial settings, these doors are invaluable.  Roll up doors take up less space than other door types by rolling into a spool above an opening.  These door can be made out of steel, aluminum, vinyl or fabric based on the needs of the facility.


Because of their versatility, roll up doors are an extremely popular choice for various applications.  They can be stylized and configured in varies ways to meet the needs of any facility.  Retail stores and restaurants often want these doors to provide a scenic, open air environment during the day and a secure location at night.  These are a great choice for security doors.  Factories, warehouses and garages all benefit from the use of these doors as well.

Warehouses and distribution centers must maximize the use of any space they have.  They also have lots of traffic coming in and out with forklifts, delivery trucks and the like constantly coming and going.  These retracting security doors leave all the floor space available and don’t require inventory to be moved around when opening and closing.

Automating Roll Up Doors

Doors can be operated with a chain or pulley, but many are automated for convenience, efficiency and ease-of-use.  Door operators are used to make opening and closing these doors a breeze.  Rapid roll doors are high-speed doors designed to quickly open and close. These are often used in areas requiring rapid traffic flow; warehouses, distribution centers, etc.  In more protected applications, they are used during the day when traffic is high and security gates are closed in front of them at night for an extra layer of defense.

These doors also help keep climate controlled areas hot or cold, creating yet another benefit of their use.  Whether you need to lock down inventory, increase the efficiency of traffic in and out, or simply decide on them as an aesthetic choice, our door and access control specialists can find the right fit for you.