Revolving Doors

revolving doorsWhy Revolving Doors?

What makes revolving doors more desirable than the other options?  In the design and functionality of both commercial and public buildings, the entrance is a key component. It is the first impression you will have on visitors and potential customers.  They can set the tone for your buildings entire experience and one architectural feature that has grown in popularity is the revolving door.  There is a unique aesthetic and practicality to these doors.  Here are some of the many advantages they offer.

Energy Efficient and Enhanced Climate control

A large reason most opt for a revolving door is its ability to cut excessive energy costs.  Unlike most traditional swinging doors, revolving doors maintain a near airtight seal when not in use.  This prevents significant heat loss or gain and helps reduce the transfer of cold or hot air between the interior and exterior of the building.

With that being said, in regions where weather can be more extreme, these types of doors serve as a great barrier against the elements.  They effectively reduce drafts and help to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.  Places like shopping malls, hotels, and office buildings can benefit greatly from these types of doors for this reason.  Occupants and employees can enjoy a comfortable climate year round.  Therefore, the climate of your building can be a huge selling factor to potential customers.

Improved Security

The design of the revolving door lends itself to be well sought after for controlled access.  They can be much more challenging to enter through unnoticed.  Revolving doors also have the ability to be paired up with access control systems such as key cards or Biometric scanners.  This heightened level of security makes these quite advantageous to high security businesses such as banks, government buildings, and airports.

Traffic Management and ADA Compliance

The efficient flow of people in and out of a building is essential.  Revolving doors are great at managing foot traffic as they provide a continuous, smooth movement of people without the need to open and close doors manually.  In buildings where large crowds are common, this feature is extremely beneficial.

One of the challenges that revolving doors initially present based on appearance is ADA compliance and accessibility.  Often businesses install ADA door openers, however, modern revolving doors take accessibility into account.  Many modern designs can be configured to accommodate people with disabilities, including those with mobility aid and wheelchairs.  With the installation of wider door compartments and automatic door operators, revolving doors can be an inclusive choice for all.

Noise Reduction and Architectural Elegance

Noise reduction can be a looked over feature, but it is truly important to your buildings environment.  Revolving doors provide a natural barrier to sound and help create a quiet, peaceful indoor environment.  This is really important in businesses where disruptive noise can become a problem for guests, such as hotels, restaurants, and healthcare facilities.

In addition to their practical advantages, revolving doors provide a level of elegance that you may not get from other types of automatic doors.  Helping to create a sophisticated and inviting entrance, they can leave a lasting impression on guests.  With their sleek, modern design, these doors can compliment any style of building structure.  This makes them ideals for both historic landmarks and contemporary structures.


There are many advantages to installing revolving doors.  These can range from energy efficiency and climate control to enhanced security and foot traffic.  They are an excellent choice for sustainability and functionality but offer a sense of elegance to a structures design.  It doesn’t matter what type of building it may be, a revolving door can improve the overall experience for visitors tremendously and leave an impression for the rest of their lives.  This makes these doors an incredible investment for modern architecture.

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