Revenue Parking

revenue parkingRevenue parking is big business, and requires a reliable, comprehensive solution to keep those parking lot monies rolling in. FDC’s design-build revenue parking systems create a smooth, seamless money generating system for your parking lot or garage. FDC secure PARCS systems can be found all over the state. Parking lot and parking garage installations include municipalities, airports, etc.  In short, FDC has what you need.  Take a look at some of the secure parking solutions FDC can provide for you.

Revenue Control
Firstly, our systems will secure revenue parking equipment, maximizing cash flow by automating the parking process. Our secure PARCS systems reduce overhead by eliminating cash handling (that is to say, eliminating the possibility of theft), speeding up traffic flow, and guiding parkers to empty spaces, filling your parking lot and garages quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, fares can be collected via pay-in-lane systems and pay-on-foot pay stations.

Parking Management
Secondly, our secure parking solutions software can make managing your facility a breeze. The (T.I.B.A.) TIBA Smartpark software platform coalesces years of systems expertise into the very best in modern software architecture. The perfect secure parking solution for installations of all sizes.

Access Control
Thirdly, automated gates and various access control solutions are also available depending on the needs of your parking lot or garage. Take a look at our access control solutions page to learn more about automated access systems that FDC can design-build for your secure parking lot or garage.

Surveillance & CCTV
In addition FDC can help you monitor your revenue parking lot equipment remotely via security cameras.  Always have eyes on your equipment.  You will make sure it is handled properly.  This keeps it safe and secure from theft and vandalism.  Moreover, it helps out confused customers.

Complete Secure Parking Solutions can include:

Revenue parking systems
Revenue parking equipment / ticketing systems
Vehicle tracking & identification
License plate recognition

Additionally FDC can provide:
Slide, swing, boom gates & tilt gates
Parking equipment – boom gates, barriers & tire spikes
Surveillance cameras & security rooms

Look at some of our Secure Revenue Parking Equipment installations on our gallery page.  We are Florida’s authorized T.I.B.A. dealer!

Certainly we have a solution for you. Request a quote for an access system from an FDC consultant today!  After that, you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing FDC has you covered.  We have offices in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Melbourne, Florida. Consequently, we can provide swift service to all of our Florida customers.