Power Plant Jobs

FDC StrongWeld gates are used in more power plant jobs than any other gate in Florida.  Power plants are one of the most critical infrastructure facilities in the nation.  They provide power to homes, businesses, government building and other vital utilities as well as life-saving facilities like hospitals and emergency services.  Power plants are vital!  These facilities have heavy physical security needs to keep them operational and free of potential threats such as terrorism, sabotage and other unwanted and unauthorized access.    FDC specializes in the following physical security measures for power plants:

Power Plants Jobs: Gates

FDC specializes in automatic gate system installations and access control systems.  StrongWeld gates securing entrances at perimeter fence lines, deterring unauthorized access to the property.  Access is controlled at entry and exit points by security personnel, access control systems and/or vehicle screening measures.  Screening these entrances and exits via CCTV (closed circuit television) and arming with alarms are also common practices.

Access control can consist of many different types of devices.  Card access is common, employee badges with a magnetic stripe that gets swiped through a reader.  Another common variation of this is a proximity reader device with prox cards or fobs.  Biometric systems are a higher-security version of access management that rely on completely unique features of the user; fingerprints, eyes or the entire shape of the face (using facial recognition).

Security guards and gates are a great combination for power plant security and access control.  When regular security gates aren’t enough, crash gates can be implemented that stop vehicles in their tracks.  Crash barriers are long bars that cross over roads, and have a steel cable within them that can cut through a semi track foolish enough to ram one.  But these aren’t the only types of crash gates available.  There are bollard types and crash wedges that pop-up out of the ground, and there are heavy duty crash gates that look similar to a rolling gate, but are super thick and sturdy.

power plant jobs involving gates in FloridaPower plant jobs are what FDC is known for statewide in Florida.  The StrongWeld Defender is a popular choice for power plants and substations looking for ballistic gates.  These gates are used to help meet NERC CIP standards.  Many substations have recently become victims of ballistic attacks, and FDC has come up with a solution to mitigate these damages.  FDC knows just how important it is to defend the grid, and this product was made to do just that.