Pay and Display

pay and displayPay and display systems from FDC are a comprehensive parking solution for your business.  Our line of Hectronic park systems allow drivers to pay for parking at one parking meter and get a ticket printed, which they then display in their windshield – hence “pay and display.”  These pay and display car park systems are a great parking solution for street side parking or surface lots where gates and access controls are not available.

Pay and Display Parking Meter

Hectronic’s Citea parking meter is a roadside parking meter that is programmed to dispense receipts for display in a windshield or to receive parking space or tag numbers input via keypad to validate parking for that spot or vehicle.  Accept cash or credit payments or even payments via smart phone.  You will accept card payment by card reader and PIN terminal with an encrypted online payment gateway.

The LCD display is easy to read and conveys communications to both the customer regarding payment or service personnel regarding technical issues.

Add Advertising to your parking receipts as another source of revenue.  Additionally, add solar panels to help reduce power costs.  Add style to the high-quality aluminum casing by customizing with a variety of RAL colors.  Moreover, this parking meter is upgrade friendly!

Installation & Service

FDC (Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc.) is Florida’s leader in car park systems installation and service.  FDC is a leading car park systems installer for municipalities such as Jacksonville, attractions in Tampa, hotels and resorts in Orlando, high-rises and hospitals in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale.  We are a parking meter installer on both coasts from Daytona to Sarasota, and all across the state.  Furthermore, Our Emergency Service personnel are available 24/7 to minimize downtime and maximize parking revenue dollars.  Call FDC today!

Why choose FDC as your parking solution installer?
Parking solution installations throughout Florida
30+ years experience in parking solution installation & service
24/7 Emergency Service available!
Wide selection of parking meter and park system options
Service plans and maintenance plans available


Certainly we have a solution for you. Request a quote for an access system from an FDC consultant today! We have offices in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Melbourne, Florida. Consequently, we can provide swift service to all of our Florida customers.