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parking meterThe Citea multi-space parking meter is a sure-fire way to increase parking revenue at surface lots, beachside parking, and parking facilities.  It has tons of customization options to make it the optimal device to collect parking payments from visitors and reduce loss.

Increase Parking Revenue

Let’s face it, single-space parking meters are obsolete.  Why have a parking meter in every spot when one strategically placed parking meter can take care of your whole lot?  Furthermore, why have a parking meter that only accepts coins when fewer and fewer people are carrying cash?  Above all, why give away parking revenue by allowing visitors to piggy-back off of one another’s left over time?

The Citea Multi-Space parking meter takes care of all of these issues for you with several configuration options!

Pay and Display

Pay for your parking spot, get a receipt to display on your dash board.  Hence, Pay and display!

Pay by Space

Pay for a parking space by entering the space number into the machine.  Enforcement then has a running inventory of which spaces are currently paid for that they can access from a list printed at the parking meter or have sent directly to their smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Pay by Plate

Likewise, pay for a parking spot by entering your license plate or tag number into the machine. Enforcement prints their list of paid vehicles from the parking meter or they send digitally to a smart device.



Other great features of the Citea multi-space parking meter are:

Marine Grade Aluminum – stainless steel rusts.  We construct with marine grade extruded aluminum, built to last in the salt-air.  We seal the inner cabinet with a gasket and moisture-coat inside components.  This creates the perfect parking solution for beachside parking environments.  Parking meters available in custom colors!

Anti-Vandalism – doors are seamless, leaving no gaps or room for prybars and other tools for forced entry.  Coin acceptor closes and only opens for metallic coins that it recognizes.  We fit cash accepting machines with a REAL SAFE instead of a standard cash box.  However, you can go completely cashless too if you choose.

Green Energy – this parking meter can be powered off of three hours of indirect sunlight.  A back-up battery can run the machine without sunlight for up to a week!  As a result, clean power!

Completely Wireless – with solar power, you eliminate the need for cables to power the machine.  In addition, with the wireless modem to process payments, you’ve eliminated the need for any cords, cables, or wires to run to the device.

Ease of Use – The inner workings of the machine are simple, clean, and easy to navigate, making for easy maintenance.  Live monitoring via computer or mobile device will notify you of any events, tampering, cash collection, cabinet opening, parking capacity and more!

Moreover, the software used to manage the parking meter is a simple app and is accessible in the cloud from anywhere.  Program your parking meter at the device or remotely.  In short, this really is an easy to use, comprehensive parking revenue solution!

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