Paid Parking

The paid parking industry is huge and covers a gamut of other industries in the process.  Everywhere people go, they need to park, making a perfect opportunity for businesses to make more money.  If you are here, you are looking at the options available to you for a paid parking business.

Paid Parking Equipment

paid parkingFDC uses TIBA parking systems for its parking installations.  Ticket dispensers, validators, license plate recognition, you name it.  All of these components come together to create a fully automated, revenue generating system for your facility.  These systems are installed at airports, municipalities, government buildings, colleges and universities, hotels, hospitals, retail locations and more.  Here is how these systems help each of the industries just named.

At airports, passenger arrive and get their vehicles into a short-term or long-term parking spot, all without the need for an attendant to handle money.  Quick and simple.  Colleges and universities can validate student passes or charge daily parking fees in an unmanned garage.  Municipalities can issue parking passes to cars across the city with cash accepting or cashless pay stations strategically located throughout.  Hotels can have parking passes added to key cards for hotel rooms, making one easy credential for guests.  Hospitals and retail locations can charge by the day or by the hour to keep spots full and money coming in.  The possibilities are endless.

These products are just part of a large line of access control solutions FDC provides to clients.   Our security gates are everywhere from commercial warehouses to power plants.  Speak with an FDC consultant today to find out more.