Military Base Security Gate

Military bases are some of the most secure locations on the Earth and require a lot of security checks.  When tasked with researching or procuring a military base security gate, there are a lot of things to consider.  Access control, personnel, surveillance and a whole lot more.  Let’s take a quick look at the process.

Perimeter Security

Military bases are usually surrounded by robust fencing or walls with intrusion detection systems in place, as well as surveillance cameras, ground sensors and or motion detectors.  These perimeter walls are monitored continuously and result in immediate reactive measures when infiltrated.  Entrances and secure checkpoint gates are typically manned and heavily monitored, requiring proper identification and credentials to gain entry.  Vehicle control is established through the use of security gates and/or crash barriers.  Vehicle inspection checkpoints provide another layer of protection as well as the use of bollards and/or hostile vehicle mitigation measures such as crash barriers or crash wedges.

Lighting should be optimized for the safety of staff and to aid in visibility for security officers and surveillance cameras.  Proper lighting also discourages unauthorized people from approaching.  Motion sensor can help add more security in remote or hidden areas.

military base security gate

Internal Security

Once on the base, more automation can take place for less sensitive areas.  Access card or badge readers can grant access to less vulnerable areas, not requiring manned security.  Biometric access control systems such as retinal scanners, facial recognition systems and fingerprint scanners can relieve the need for personnel to stand guard at these locations.

Identify and secure any and all critical infrastructure points.  These can include utilities, power plants, communications hubs and more.  Put redundant systems in place to  keep them running during an emergency.


Personnel must be trained in protocols and procedures for the base.  Drills should be conducted regularly simulating possible intrusion scenarios to practice response and test equipment.  Personnel should be able to spot warning signs in suspicious activities and be able to communicate these suspicions to the proper personnel.  Communication systems can also be tested during drills.  Redundancies should be built in to access control and communications systems to ensure they work during an emergency or incident.

Regular security clearance reviews should take place as part of counterintelligence measures.  This helps mitigate espionage or insider threats.  Personnel should also be versed in cybersecurity measures to prevent any threats or risks.

Personnel should also be trained in CBRN protection procedures.  This includes chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection measures.  Detection and decontamination steps are of paramount importance in these areas.

Airspace Security

The airspace surrounding a military base should be monitored regularly and controlled to prevent unauthorized aerial activity from occurring.  Radar systems watch the skies and no-fly zones warn possible intruders to stay away.

Emergency Response Plan

Everyone should have an emergency response plan, but especially those places that have dangerous results if infiltrated.  These plans should be updated and trialed regularly.  Local law enforcement and emergency services may be part of these exercises.

In Summary

When looking for a military base security gate, you need to determine what amount of security you need at that location.  Are you putting in secure checkpoint gates, are you putting in an automated gate, or do you need an anti-ram, anti-terrorism, hostile vehicle mitigation gate or crash barrier?  The StrongWeld Slide Gate is a very popular choice for standard installations, while an M30 or M50 crash rated barrier helps stop vehicles.  What about ballistic gates?  The StrongWeld Defender is constructed of ballistic panels to resist bullets.  FDC is a GSA preferred contractor.  Contact us for more information on any of our military base security gate solutions.