Integrated Parking Solutions

integrated parking solutionsThe beauty of FDC’s design-build systems and 30 years in the integrated parking solutions industry is that we have seen it all, and installed it.  Since FDC covers such a wide range of access control systems and automated parking solutions, we have the know-how to tie it all together to create a seamless, efficient and care-free system that will allow you to more easily track and manage customers and staff, and will be more convenient and user-friendly for your patrons.

Hotel Keycard Interface

Our hospitality integrated parking solutions are a great example of systems integration at its best.  Hotels have their own hotel management software they utilize to keep track of guests, rooms and reservations, but how convenient would it be to tie that in to guest room keys, parking validation and agenda scheduling?  FDC does just that with parking automation software and informational kiosks.

We’ve been given some challenges in the past, but always come out on top.  Tying RFID card access technology to Saflok touchless guest room keys and parking garage access is just part of our complete systems automation repertoire.

Keys can also be programmed to allow employees into certain secured areas, set up employee parking nesting areas and more.

Card Access / Integrated Parking Solutions

Access card systems at front doors and parking areas, automated barrier gates, ticket dispensers and validators as pay-in-lane stations or walk-up on-foot pay stations, intercoms at pay-in-lane stations to have attendants greet or help guests, cameras recording stations so that employees can monitor remotely or assist; these are just some of the systems we integrate.  We also can install, service or repair automated sliding doors and a plethora of other entrance systems.

Branch offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Melbourne allow FDC to service the state from Coast to Coast.  Ft. Myers to Gainesville, The Florida Keys to West Palm Beach to Tallahassee, FDC is there for you!

Certainly we have a solution for you. Request a quote for an access system from an FDC consultant today! We have offices in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Melbourne, Florida. Consequently, we can provide swift service to all of our Florida customers.