HVM Meaning

HVM Meaning

The meaning of HVM is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.  It is an acronym that is becoming popular around the variety of products available to stop hostile vehicles from entering your premises.  These devices come in a variety of forms.  Bollards, barriers, gates and other hardened barricades are extremely important in reducing intrusions on sensitive areas.

hvm meaningA high security barrier gate is a common method of stopping large vehicles.  Anti-ram barriers, anti-terrorism barriers, etc. are large gate arms with a steel cable running through them tied in to two large concrete blocks.  There is so much strength in these crash barriers that they can cut a tractor trailer in half should the driver choose to try to run through one.

Crash bollards are another approach.  Heavy-duty poles tied in to massive underground cages, these can have both shallow or deep foundations. They come with a variety of lighting options, finishes and even stainless steel covers. They are available as fixed bollards, removable bollards or retractable bollards.

Crash wedges come up from the ground as a retractable method of protection. Their road-integrated design gives them a huge crash-rating and an aesthetic appeal. They are a long-life, low-maintenance option that can even be powered via UPS during a power outage.

Crash gates are also available for a high-visibility entrance protection option.  These gates can stop a 15,000 pound truck moving at 30 mph with zero-penetration!

Depending on the needs of your facility, FDC has the physical security and access control options you need.  Whether you are responsible for a maximum security prison, or you are tasked with procuring a military base security gate, FDC’s got you, and your entrance, covered.