How to Start a Gated Community

How To Start a Gated Community

how to start a gated community

Interested in gating a community here in Florida, but don’t know where to start?  Well FDC, Florida’s leading gated community service provider for 40+ years, can tell you exactly how to start a gated community.  Here are some things to consider when gating a community.

How to Start a Gated Community: Consideration #1
Access Control

When gating a community, you will need to provide a means for people to enter.  Here are a few examples:

1. Residents – residents of the gated community will use codes, access cards, barcodes, transmitters, or any combination of these.  Here are the pros & cons of each.

• Codes – Not very secure.  Codes can get out, diminishing security instantly.  Have to stop vehicle and open window – not fun when raining.  Having your window down (with purse or wallet beside you) could be a security risk at some locations.

• Cards – Good security, but requires a stop at the gate with the window down.

• Barcodes (Decals) – Equipment costs more up front, but provides an inexpensive replacement credential.  Decals are very secure and the car does not have to stop at gate.

• Remote Transmitters – Less expensive set up, more expensive credential if lost or stolen.  Car does not have to stop at gate.

• RFID (Epass) – Expensive, but car does not have to stop at gate.

2. Visitors/Deliveries – When gating a community, consider guests of residents and delivery people. A telephone entry system allows them to call residents.

3. Maintenance (pool, yard, meter reader, etc.) – Most of these services provided when residents are away.  Usually, time restricted codes that are managed and changed periodically are suitable for allowing access.

4. Emergency Service – Many Florida Counties require a siren activated sensor (SOS) and/or a KNOX switch to open a gate for emergency vehicles at gated communities.  Check with your local fire department.

5. Postal Service – Mail carriers usually carry a key that will allow them access to the community.

How to Start a Gated Community: Consideration #2
Stacking Distance

STACKING DISTANCE – another thing to consider when gating a community is the distance from the gate to the street (called stacking distance).  This will determine the number of vehicles that can line up to get into the community.  Ample room to turnaround if needed is also another important factor to consider.  You don’t want traffic to backup and cars to shuffle around because someone at the front of the line doesn’t have the proper credentials to get in, and you don’t want the people behind them letting them in just to get them out of the way.

If room permits, it is a good idea to have separate lanes for residents and visitors with different access methods at each.

How to Start a Gated Community: Consideration #3
Gate Design

ORNAMENTAL GATE DESIGN – FDC can add pizzazz to your gated community’s entrance by creating an ornamental gate that accents the look and feel of your community. FDC takes great pride in the craftsmanship and artistic abilities of our manufacturing professionals.

Gating a Community – Recap

• Access Control.  What type of gate access control do you need?
• Stacking Distance.  Do you have enough room to provide a turnaround lane?
• Ornametnal Gate Design.  What do you want your gate to look like?