Hotel Parking Solutions

hotel resort parking solutions

Valet service is a key component of for hotel parking solutions.  Meanwhile, many industries, including resorts, casinos, airports, shopping malls, airports and others have the same needs. Valet parking facility managers are constantly challenged with fraudulent damage claims, lost and misplaced ticket claims and the overall cost associated with having employees.  FDC valet parking systems and parking equipment can help you increase your revenues, reduce your costs and maximize profits…here’s how.

Reduce Labor Costs by 25%
By setting goals such as minimum parks per hour and fronts per hour, your employees know you mean business.  With these productivity standards in place, our parking equipment systems can generate reports evaluating your employees so you can reward and discipline your employees as needed, typically saving you 5-25% in costs.

Increase Revenue Up to 30%
With our automated fee calculation parking equipment systems and customer request kiosks, manual time clocks are a thing of the past.  As a result, cash passes through fewer employee hands.  Discount and validation controls restrict validations from within the program.

Reduce Claims Pay-Out by up to 80%
High-definition camera systems and full motion video from multiple angles give you full records for review making research easier and giving you the evidence you need to deny claims.  Cameras capture vehicle condition upon entry, so YOU can assess the validity of any damage claim.

The Future of Hotel Parking Solutions

Valet App Suite
From multiple ticket issuance options and data capture upon arrival to POS Credit Card and receipt e-mailing capability, FDC’s Valet App Suite lets you easily cater to the customer through the entire valet process.

Automated Data Entry
Through the use of online registration, license plate recognition or VIN number scanning, FDC parking equipment can easily automate the data entry process. As a result, this eliminates mistakes that often come with manual entry.

High Definition Digital Camera Modules
Denying claims with high resolution pictures and videos is far more successful than with manual sketches. These camera modules allow for users to quickly look-up a vehicles condition upon entry and assess the validity of a damage claim.

Visual Valet
Rather than using text-driven data entry, operators can utilize a Valet App.  Our fixed high definition camera lane captures images of the vehicles as they are parked by the valets. Users now have a unique identifier that can allow valets to retrieve vehicles with little or no additional manual data entry steps.

Data Flow
You need an intelligent data management solution that allows valet parking equipment operators to use visual gadgets to represent data from within your application. Data should be pushed to you as it happens, allowing you to manage your operations in real-time.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Vehicle Request
FDC allows customers to quickly request their vehicle in advance of their departure.  This can be done through self-serve kiosks or dial-up requests.  In addition, customers can now also do this through smart phone applications for added convenience.

Hotel & Resort Integration
Valet service is a key component of many industries, including hotels, resorts, casinos, airports, shopping malls, airports and more.  Therefore, FDC seamlessly integrates your valet service parking equipment systems to make your guests’ stays more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.

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