High Security Entrance Gate

high security entrance gate

A high security entrance gate is the number one method for keeping uninvited parties out of your facility or off of your property. The nature of your business determines the level of security you need, which affects everything from access control method to what materials the gates are constructed of. But how do you determine the level of security needed? Simply put, you have to break down what a secured entrance consists of, and then determine one at a time how much importance each element holds for your facility.

Many high security gate locations are assigned a security level. How much security is needed at this entrance? Is it a top-secret military facility or aerospace industry building? Is it a commercial warehouse with high-value inventory, but nothing that would cause a public safety concern? Again, different situations call for different levels of access.

High-Security Entrance Gate

For this type of automatic gated entrance, you are going to want a high-security access control method to make that gate more secure. Sometimes this requires a guard as well as an identification source such as ID card or badge. Some may even require a bio-metric access method such as finger print, retinal scan or facial recognition. These entrances focus more on security than automation, and in-turn safety.

These gates should be built from high-quality material that is resistant to corrosion, tampering, vandalism and the elements. Aluminum is a good option due to a higher resistance to the elements and a lighter weight, minimizing strain on gate operators doing multiple cycles per day. Powder coating adds another layer of weather resisting protection to the material as well. Barbed wire or concertina wire adds an extra layer of anti-climb security protection. A gate that slides on a V-track is ideal because it connects with the ground and cannot be budged.

Lighting should be good in this area and CCTV would most likely being monitoring this entrance, recording all activity to a DVR for security purposes. There is a step above high-security that deals with the deterrence of hostile vehicles. We will get to that shortly.

When considering budget for this type of installation, you need to use a reputable and experienced contractor that provides a good warranty and potentially even maintenance plans if you don’t have trained staff to handle these needs. This type of contractor usually carries a higher level of insurance as well, guaranteeing your installation gets completed.

Medium-Security Entrance

The access on a medium-security gated entrance doesn’t need to be as stringent. This allows you to focus more on things like sytle, automation, etc. Access options can now include keypads and remotes, which you wouldn’t want to use on a high-security entrance because codes or remotes can be passed around.

These gates should still be constructed similarly to the high-security gates described above, however the anti-climb wire is optional.

Low-Security Entrance

These entrances can utilize gates such as barrier gates, also known as boom gates, boom arms, barrier arms or booms. This is a vehicle deterrent, but will not stop a vehicle if it strikes the gate. For something that stops a vehicle in its tracks, you want a Crash Barrier.

crash barrier

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Also known as anti-ram, anti-terrorism gates or crash barriers, these barriers are built to stop a vehicle instantly. A few different styles exist, and they all have different ratings. Arm style, has a large arm with a steel cable going through it that can cut into a tractor trailer and stop it very quickly. This arm can be moved up and down with various access controls to allow vehicles to pass underneath. Wedge type barriers come up from the ground to stop vehicles and lower into the ground to allow vehicles to pass over them. Crash gates look like standard slide gates but are built to withstand a crash.

For most industrial applications, your standard StrongWeld automatic sliding gate is ideal. Paired with the access control method you need for your situation, you will be able to keep your entrance secured and your assets safe.