High Security Barrier Gate

What sort of high security barrier gate options are available?  We get this question a lot.  The honest answer is, yes, there are quite a few.  The thing about barrier gates is though, that most of them are only really considered deterrents.  To actually provide high security, you need something that will stop a vehicle.  Those types of barriers are quite extensive, and very expensive.  These are elaborate installations that require more real estate under the ground than above.

high security barrier gateHigh Security Barrier Gate Installation

An anti-ram crash barrier requires approximately 6 cubic feet of concrete on both sides of the road way.  The barrier gate posts are centered on each block and anchored in.  A steel cable comes up through the barrier arm, goes across the roadway, and locks into the other barrier post.  This essentially means that any vehicle hitting this barrier is running into these huge concrete blocks.  A truck ramming that barrier is like someone taking a battering ram to the gut.  Incredible stopping force!

There are also full-fledged crash gates now that resemble something closer to a rolling gate or your standard security gates.  These crash gates can stop a 15,000 pound truck moving at 30mph without any penetration.  Amazing!

So where has FDC installed these gates?

We have several installations of these devices.  We have installed out of state at military bases in Pennsylvania.  FDC has installed at ports along the coast of Florida, and have even installed these barrier gates at an access road for the Brightline train that goes from Orlando to Miami.

In summary, depending on your security needs, there is a barrier gate style that suits your needs.  Contact an FDC consultant today for more information.