GSA Price List

gsa price listFDC is on the General Services Administration (GSA) platform, GSA Schedule 84.  In order to best serve government facilities, educational institutions and state and local government, we provide a plethora of automatic gate products at our lowest prices possible via GSA.  See our GSA Price List by clicking the GSA logo on this page.

Why FDC is on GSA

By selling on the GSA platform, we ensure that our products and services meet required government standards. GSA certification is a mark of quality and reliability, assuring our clients that they can purchase from us without any extra legwork. This compliance is vital for government agencies and contractors who must adhere to specific regulatory requirements.  GSA pricing agreements ensure that our clients receive our most competitive pricing for our products and services. This is particularly beneficial for government agencies operating within tight budget constraints. Our commitment to offering high-quality, affordable solutions helps our clients maximize their security investments.

In addition to providing products, we offer top-tier, comprehensive installation and support services. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that every automatic gate and access control system is installed correctly and functions optimally. Post-installation support, including maintenance and troubleshooting, guarantees long-term reliability and performance.  We understand that each client has unique security needs. Our range of automatic gates and access control systems is customizable to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s integrating with existing security infrastructure or providing specialized features for unique applications, our solutions are designed to be flexible, adaptable and affordable.

GSA Price List

We offer most HySecurity operators and spare parts, chain link fencing, gates, ADA operators, installation and repairs services and more.  These prices are the lowest we offer and require you to be a government agency or to be working for one and able to produce a GSA authorization letter.  Contact us now for a quote on any gate automation needs today.