General Contractor

general contractor

A general contractor is in charge of the day-to-day operations on construction sites, whether they be large scale residential apartment or condominium buildings, commercial retail shopping malls, government facilities, etc.  These GCs must also manage vendors, subcontractors and communication of information from the building or property owners to everyone involved in the project.  It’s no easy task.

When it comes to entrance systems, whether they be automatic sliding doors, automatic sliding gates or swing gates, parking garage grill gates or barrier arms and parking equipment, FDC is the access control solutions expert in Florida.  Classified as a small business, FDC can help you meet your financial resource goals while still bringing the professionalism and expertise of a large corporation.  FDC has developed parking solutions for several high-rise apartment buildings in Miami where space was tight, making it a precious commodity.  Our parking equipment and innovative parking gate designs allow us to come up with solutions to most any problem.  Our security gates are found in power plants and military and government facilities all over the state.

General Contractor – Government Solutions

Are you a government contractor?  Great news, FDC is on the GSA schedule.  In other words, we are able to provide you our lowest prices if you are on a government job.  We have GSA pricing on a large assortment of products for security gates, access control and automatic doors.

Top Services to GCs

Access control system installation
Security gate installation
– Automatic sliding gates, swing gates and grille gates
Revenue parking solutions & parking equipment
Parking barriers and barrier gate arms
Automatic Doors and Revolving Doors

Certainly we have a solution for you.  Request a quote for an access system from an FDC consultant today! We have offices in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Melbourne, Florida.  Consequently, we can provide swift service to any of your or our Florida customers.