Gate Lock

gate lock and closerPedestrian gates require a gate lock (electric or magnetic) to stay secure.  From our humble beginnings in installing and servicing automatic doors, to our days of manufacturing StrongWeld security gates, we have learned the intricacies of all entrance types.  Gate access control is the most prominent part of your automatic gate system.  Typically on your vehicular gates this controls both the opening and closing of the gate.  But on pedestrian gates, your access system will open the gate, but doesn’t necessarily close the gate.  To combat the possibility of people intentionally or unintentionally leaving a gate open, FDC invented the SecuraSwing gate closer.  This device returns the gate to the closed position softly and securely each time it is opened.

When trying to maximize your perimeter security, the need to secure vehicular entrances is obvious.  Pedestrian entrances can be just as important, if not more so, in sensitive areas prone to attack, espionage or sabotage.  These types of installations include military bases, government buildings, power plants, utilities companies, water plants, substations, commercial warehouses and more.  Access control with a reliable gate closer and gate lock give you the best possibility of keeping pedestrian gates secure.  When higher security is required, these facilities may need to install a turnstile gate instead.

In some cases, FDC has fitted outdoor pedestrian gates with automatic door operators.  These are built with custom housings to protect them from the elements.  These can be fitted with automatic door locks just like any other door.

What are you trying to protect?  How much security do you need for your application?  FDC access specialists can evaluate your site and help you find the best solutions to fit your needs while sticking within your budget.  Contact an FDC access consultant today to find the appropriate solution for your facility.