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gate closerSecuraSwing Hydraulic Gate Closer

The SecuraSwing is the ultimate gate closer for any pedestrian walk gate. Perfect for commercial or residential fence gates, the SecuraSwing is a fully concealed, commercial grade hydraulic closing device located in the gate leaf. Exit & entrance gates close softly and securely every time. Two stage closing adjustment allows for independent sweep and latch check speed adjustment. We size the device spring to match gate width and height.

Similar to other custom FDC StrongWeld security products, the SecuraSwing hydraulic gate closer can be customized to suite your entrance gate’s needs.  Likewise, we fit it with custom brackets for access control equipment, designed for electric gate locks or magnetic locks, and is available as swing-in, swing-out, or both.  The electric hinge option hides the hinge post to gate wire transfer, retaining entrance gate aesthetics and security.

Easy to Use
Firstly, our independent hydraulic system independently controls both sweep and latch speed. Perfect for use with both electric and magnetic locking mechanisms (also available from FDC) fitted to fence gates.
Secondly, our Concealed Hydraulic closer has no exposed springs or slides (concealed electric hinges also available keeping wires hidden), keeping your entrance gate looking great.
Moreover, we design our commercial grade hydraulic closer for high traffic fence gates and demanding environments. Heavy gates – No Problem!
Above all it is reliable.  We build to your specifications or made available in a standard gate package.


We use the SecuraSwing hydraulic gate closer in many fence gates at gated communities throughout Florida.  Some uses are for pedestrian walk gate security at community entrances, next to the vehicle entrance gate, near the exit gates, or at remote fence gates where there is no vehicle access.  This gate closer prevents gates from being left open by children or other visitors.  Sometimes people don’t pay attention to whether or not the fence gates close behind them.  We prevent that!

Gated communities where only residents are authorized to enter the pool area love the SecuraSwing.  They keep pools safe and secure from unauthorized visitors and small children when coupled with card access, or another form of access control.

On the other hand, we use these devices at many government facilities as well.  Above all, this device prevents unauthorized access to courthouses, utilities, etc.

SecuraSwing Hydraulic Gate Closer

The SecuraSwing closes fence gates softly and securely…every time.  Additionally, we conceal access controls to match aesthetics of pool gates and fencing.  This makes for a stylish, secure solution.  In conclusion, customers use these on entrance gates, exit gates, side gates…you name it.

• Applications: walk gate / fence gates /pedestrian gates

For further info, check out our video for the SecuraSwing hydraulic gate closer (below) to see it in action.  We mounted this gate closer to a chain-link walk gate for demonstrative purposes.  Call an FDC entrance gate consultant today at 800-321-6487.

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