Gate Access Control

gate access control TES Access Control Basics

FDC is a gate access control installer with offices all around Florida.  From Jacksonville, to Ft. Lauderdale, to Tampa, Orlando and Melbourne, we can reach any of our clients quickly.  We even offer 24-7 Emergency Service for clients that need it.

Depending on the amount of security you are looking to provide to a certain area, there are several different options for gate access control. FDC is able to provide you with any of these entry management solutions to provide you with maximum security. FDC sells and installs access control products from top manufacturers such as Honeywell, Sielox, Linear Access, BAI, Nex Watch, Secura Key and more. Software such as Pro Watch, Win-Pak Pro and more also available.

Low Security -> Anyone can enter, access is simply controlled as a deterrent or for safety reasons. Examples would be motion sensors used to open automatic doors or swing doors at a store, or handicap buttons used in conjunction with ADA door openers.

Medium Security -> Limits access to who may be allowed to enter a certain area, such as an automatic gate system at a gated community requiring a remote clicker or a telephone entry system.

High Security -> Allows entry only to those who hold specific requirements to enter. Examples would be security gates at a government facility or indoor examples would be keypads requiring a specific code, access card readers or fingerprint readers.

Access Control Types

FDC can provide any type of gate access control you need. Whether you want to control access to your home with a remote controlled residential gate or reduce risk by limiting access to designated areas of your business, FDC has all your entrance management needs covered.

Door Locks
Besides standard locks on doors, greater security and control can be maintained by utilizing an electric strike or magnetic lock. Electric strikes are locks that are controlled electronically and can be locked and unlocked remotely. This process is often referred to as “buzzing” someone in. Magnetic locks similarly require constant power and come in different magnetic strengths.

Gate Access Control

Transmitters are one of the most popular methods of access control. Like garage door openers, electronic remote transmitters or “clickers” are also used to open gated systems remotely. Gated communities, parking garages, commercial businesses and industrial sites often use electronic gating systems to keep pedestrians out of restricted access areas. Check out our wide line of garage door openers and remote control transmitters here.

Key Pads
Key pads require a unique combination of buttons presses to deactivate an electric strike or magnetic lock. They allow access without the necessity of carrying keys, cards, or any other type of product. They can also be programmed to alert you after a certain number of incorrect key strikes are attempted.

Intercom Systems
Intercom Entrance Systems allow the party desiring entry to communicate directly with the party who can grant access. Intercoms can link with various other forms of communication (such as walkie-talkies, phone lines, etc.) to allow for greater mobility.

TES – Telephone Entry Systems
Telephone Entry Systems allow you to control access to your property from a telephone or cell phone.

Gernal Access Control

Exit buttons allow for people to release locks with the press of a button to exit a facility or corridor on one side of a wall while leaving no such option for entry on the other side.

Magnetic Stripe Readers
Magnetic stripe access card readers contain encoded information in the stripe that activates systems when swiped like a credit card.

Barcode Readers
Barcode readers use lasers to read barcodes off of labels, cards and other materials that can have a barcode printed on them. Labels are available for vehicles to allow access through certain gated systems without requiring the vehicle to stop.

Biometric Readers
Biometric readers allow the maximum in unique entry management. Fingerprint readers, eye readers or iris readers, hand geometry recognition and face recognition systems are some of the more high-tech access control methods available today.

Wiegand Readers
Wiegand card readers contain the information required for entry within the card itself limiting its susceptibility to wear.

Proximity Readers
Proximity cards contain circuits that activate when put within close proximity of the proximity reader allowing for entry.

Smart Card Readers
Smart cards themselves have internal memory for storing information like biometric data or access codes. They can be contact smart cards or non-contact, or contactless smart cards.

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