Force Protection

force protectionForce protection focuses on protecting military assets, personnel and their families, civilians, facilities and more from attacks or hazards.  FDC’s product line consists of all manner of security gates, from standard slide gates all the way up to anti-ram crash barriers.  These systems get installed to increase perimeter defenses at military bases, barracks and other government and military buildings.  Here is what FDC can do for your facility.

Force Protection Gates

An FDC StrongWeld gate is a basic automatic security gate, resembling a rolling chain link fence that covers an entrance or exit from a secured facility.  As part of the facility’s perimeter defenses, these gates tie in with barrier walls, perimeter fences and other pedestrian barrier systems.  They can be topped with barbed wire or concertina wire to prevent climbing.  Depending on security levels, these portals are either manned with security guards or automated with an access control system.  Access controls can be badge readers, barcode readers, RFID readers or biometric systems.

For added security, crash gates and or barrier gates can be installed to protect against hostile vehicles or ballistic weapons.

Security and monitoring is also important in these areas to protect people.  People should be trained on protocols and procedures to protect themselves and others in the case of an attack.  Conducting drills helps familiarize people with systems and make them more efficient.

As unrest increases and possible threats arise, it is vital to check and harden physical security efforts at these important locations.  Force protection comes in many forms, airspace security, emergency response plans and more.  Anti-terrorism is a top priority at these facilities and can be maximized with proper planning and equipment.  Take a look at any of these pages for more specific information on each.

Access Control

Security Gates

Turnstile Gate

Crash Gates

Crash Barriers

Ballistic Gates

Contact an FDC security specialist to get a bid on equipment for self-installation or a full design-build system.  For military bases, GSA pricing is available for delivery world-wide.  Visit Florida Door Control on GSA Advantage (gsaelibrary).