Electric Substations

Electric substations are pivotal to the critical infrastructure of the electrical grid. They regulate voltage levels reaching all the different parts of the grid; industrial, commercial and residential clients. They are responsible to powering homes, businesses and entire cities; it is vital that we protect them!

electric substations

Electric Substations

Ballistic gates and walls are a massive upgrade from the chain link fences we’ve seen in the past. Each substation has huge amounts of expensive equipment exposed to the elements, and to potential malicious attacks. A chain link fence is little more than a deterrent to keep people out. Anti-ballistic walls and gates provide maximum protection for the following reasons.

They obscure line-of-sight. A ballistic attack can reach equipment through a chain link fence from a great distance because there is a clean line-of-sight; an attacker can see his target. With a large concrete wall in place, that goes away. These walls tend to go up ten or twelve feet, so restoring that line of sight requires a lot more effort.

They are bullet resistant. The StrongWeld Defender ballistic gate can resist all levels of ballistic attack based on UL 752 ballistic requirements.

Substations distribute power from high-voltage to lower-voltage lines; these are dangerous places. Anti-ballistic gates and walls also provide cover from natural disasters as well. Hurricanes and high winds can also create ballistics. Blocking high winds and projectiles is another key element in protecting the grid.

StrongWeld Defender ballistic gates help protect substations from:
• Terrorist Attacks from Firearms
• Vandalism
• Storms
• Theft
• Physical Threats

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