Electric Gate Systems

Electric Gate Systems

Electric gate systems are a pivotal part of any security set up worth its weight.  They are used to control the amount of vehicles, and in turn people, allowed onto a property at any given time.  FDC can create an entire security solution for your facility.  These solutions can consist of pedestrian portals and access points, vehicular barriers and traffic control devices, surveillance systems and everything else in between.

Electric Gate Systems Considerations

Things that need to be considered when choosing to install security gates start with design.  Is this an ornamental gate, or a standard industrial gate?  A standard industrial gate is simply a chain link rolling gate, nothing fancy, just gets the job done.  These are the most common type of security gate as they are sturdy and inexpensive.  Repairs are more simple on these than on an ornately designed gate.

The next consideration is the gate operator.  Most industrial style gates utilize a high-traffic, industrial slide gate operator.  These are built for business; lots of cycles moving big, heavy gates day in and day out.  Additionally, when there are lots of cycles and lots of moving parts, it is a good idea to find other ways to reduce the stress on the operator.  This can be done in the design of the gate itself.  Let’s talk about the style of the gate itself.

When you have a large opening to cover, you need a wide gate.  The wider the opening to cover, the less useful a swing gate becomes.  The wider the gate, the heavier it becomes, and the more stress placed on the hinges.  No, swing gates are not ideal for industrial applications.  The best type of gate for industrial security applications is the tried-and-true V-track sliding gate.  The weight is distributed through multiple wheels touching the ground, and the track keeps the gate in line minimizing wear-and-tear on the operator.  This type of gate requires a backtrack area, a spot for the gate to roll to when in the open position.  However, sometimes there isn’t room for a backtrack, be it because there is an obstruction or because the ground simply isn’t flat and spacious enough to accommodate it.  When this is the case, you must use a cantilever gate.

Cantilever gates are wide and hang, never touching the ground.  While this comes in handy when the terrain doesn’t suite a track, it does cause a little more strain on the gate and operator.  These are just some of the considerations when designing your entrance.  The next step is determining your preferred access control method.

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