Door Repair

Commercial Door Repair

FDC is the state of Florida’s automatic door repair leader.  Since 1978 Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc. has specialized in installation, service and repair of commercial automatic doors and ADA door openers across the state.  Our trained door service technicians have seen their fair share of door problems in the past and carry a wide assortment of parts and tools in their vans to fix any and all commercial doors that cross their path.

Automatic Door Repair

Commercial doors (and door openers) have a lot of moving parts and endure much wear-and-tear on any given day in high traffic locations. When installed properly many of these potential concerns are addressed and problems are lessened. FDC takes special care in making sure that wiring is protected, as exposed wire is a culprit for many problems with commercial doors. Proper cleaning habits done regularly also help a great deal in reducing the number of necessary service calls.

Commercial Doors

As with many automated access control products, automatic doors work best when properly maintained.  FDC does provide multiple levels of service for commercial doors through our various protection plans.  A PM Plan provides quarterly preventative maintenance to clean components and tracks, test electronics, and more to make sure that your door systems are running at optimum performance.  Any noticeable issues are addressed early to minimize expenses and downtime.

Platinum Plan

provides all of the above plus parts needed to complete repairs.

Emergency Service

FDC realizes the importance of keeping the entrance to your business running at all times.  Consequently, we offer 24/7 emergency service to all of our customers.  Our branch offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Melbourne, and Miami have on-call service technicians ready to dispatch at all hours.  We keep your commercial doors operating when you need them to.

In summary, FDC provides services on automatic commercial doors – installation & door repair.  We specialize in access control system integration with revolving doors, rolling steel doors, commercial roll up doors and automatic sliders.  Emergency service is available as well as service & maintenance plans.  Lastly, we keep a wide range of replacement parts in stock.

Certainly we have a solution for you. Request a quote for can access system from an FDC consultant today! Offices in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Melbourne, Florida.

To request door repair service for your commercial doors, please call 321-254-8011. 

For non-emergency service you may place a service call online.