Door Access Control System

Door Access Control System

Let FDC install a brand new door access control system for you!  FDC services the state of Florida from offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Melbourne and Orlando. Push buttons door openers allow doors to be opened easily with the push of a button. Great for handicap entrances. Remote access control panels allow the doors to be opened from a separate station for more control over who is able to use the entrance. Pneumatic sensors open a door when a pneumatic pad is stepped on pushing air onto a sensor activating the opening process.

Motion sensors use infrared beams to detect motion on either side of a door to open it for the pedestrian. Hospitals and grocery stores in particular use this type of opener to allow the pedestrian to push a bed or cart through easily.

Touchless sensors open the door when a hand is wave over a specified area of the door. This type of door is utilized in areas of high traffic to minimize unwanted door openings.

Bar type sensors can be mounted on the sides of doors to prevent them from closing on people.

Pedestrian turnstiles & E-gates control pedestrian traffic in high traffic areas like airports, stadiums, corporate facilities and more. Turnstiles can be equipped with barriers or people counters for added security or data collection. High security corporations can pair an FDC access control system with a pedestrian turnstile to restrict access to employees and authorized visitors only. For more information on Magnetic Autocontrol turnstiles, check out our turnstile page.

There are many varieties of door access control system.  The methods available to manage your Nabco Entrances automated door systems are also numerous. FDC stocks, sells and installs various keypad entry systems, card access readers, motion sensors, and more from top manufacturers such as Honeywell, Elite Access, Sentex Systems, Secura Key, Linear, and Nex Watch just to name a few. Whether you have a new building going up, or have an existing system in need of maintenance or repair, FDC is here to take care of you and make sure you are secure. Detailed below are some of our more popular Nabco Entrances door systems.

Nabco 1175 All Glass – this elegant slide door system completely eliminates vertical framing resulting in a sleek contemporary look. The new low profile bottom rail allows a larger unobstructed view that is perfect for showcasing an attractive lobby or well-manicured grounds. As part of the Whisper Slider series, the elegant All Glass Slider has the same silent motorized belt drive and large urethane door rollers for quiet, smooth operation plus an anodized roller track for long lasting durability. Fixed sidelights are standard.

Telescopic Doors

Nabco 1175 Telescopic – GT 1175 Telescopic Whisper Slider Entrance System is the perfect solution for limited spaces. This system combines space-saving versatility with the elegant look of a large clear door opening. With a 54% door opening to frame width, it provides an unprecedented 25% more door opening than a standard bi-part slider! Because it has a faster opening and closing cycle, it can reduce heat loss by up to 50% when used to upgrade a swing door. Its durable, heavy-duty design is made to withstand demanding traffic conditions and the worst weather. Full breakout and fixed sidelites are standard with options available for unique applications. Available in three-panel single slide or six panel bi-parting configurations.

Nabco 1175 Whisper Slider – This ultra-quiet, high-performance entrance system has one of the lowest lifetime cost of ownership of any automatic door system on the market today! It is the ideal solution for almost all standard slide door applications. The Whisper Slider has recently been tested and approved for Class 1 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Rooms making it suitable for critical applications, like computer centers and laboratories. Available with fixed sidelights, full breakout and pocketed construction (with or without transoms) it will accommodate virtually any door opening.

Nabco GT 8300 Operator – The Nabco GT 8300 Overhead Concealed System has toughness built right in. This heavy duty system can handle pedestrian traffic under the busiest conditions. Its proven mechanical design provides smooth long lasting operation while its flush swing arm gives it a cleaner, more attractive appearance. Pivots on frame make it easy to service, eliminating the need to remove the door panel.

The Nabco GT 300 is available as a complete swing door package including mechanical operator, sensors, jambs and stiles!
Low Energy ADA Operator – The Nabco GT 710 operates in both automatic and manual modes. It features a 2-60 second hold-open range and a “push-n-go” feature. The Nabco GT 710 operator has a hydraulic backcheck that protects the door and mechanical operator from damage when forced open in windy conditions or when manually operated. In manual mode, the system closes slowly upon release to enable passage. The Nabco GT 710 with its hydraulic closer offers the flexibility to adjust the closing pressure as needed for specific site conditions. The Nabco GT 710 operator is now approved for use on fire door assemblies rated up to 3 hours. Great for handicapped entrance doors!

Revolving doors are also able to be equipped with access control systems.  For more information on those, visit our revolving doors page.