Developer Parking Solutions

Developer Parking Solutions

developer parking solutions

FDC offers developer parking solutions and a full line of support to property management and land development companies throughout Florida.  We providing more than just parking equipment. FDC works hand in hand with developers, architects, engineers and contractors to turn proposed improvements into fully functional, design-build residential parking garages, access-controlled apartment buildings with full surveillance and security options, automated parking equipment, employee parking lots and/or public parking garages, mixed use parking facilities, vehicle control and traffic directing devices and more.  We fully integrate our vehicle control applications with pedestrian access solutions to create ease of use through one unique, universal access credential.

Additionally, Developers rely on FDC’s decades of experience to help them create sensible, secure parking garages for residential apartment and condominium buildings.  We secure residential garages in Miami with StrongWeld overhead grille gates.  These gates are activated by access cards that grant the resident access to the building’s lobby (and sometimes elevator) and the parking facility.

StrongWeld Parking Gates

FDC custom builds gates to any specifications so that you have the most security for your property.  FDC uses boh automated overhead grille gates and automatic sliding gates in our garage systems.

Strategically placed surveillance cameras ensure security for both property managers and residents, capturing and recording activities on the premises and sending the video to secured monitoring rooms for review and backup.  Cameras monitoring parking equipment can help keep it secure.

Perhaps you’re not developing residential?  Maybe you want to turn some available land into revenue generating parking facilities?  Why go with FDC?  Firstly, FDC’s Parking Operations Consultants have decades of experience from both sides of the parking industry.  Secondly, as former valet and parking operations managers themselves, they know the pitfalls and conveniences that need to be addressed to run a successful parking facility.  We provide the right parking equipment for the job.

FDC Design-Build Developer Parking Solutions

In summary, we provide residential lobby and parking access card integration and surveillance systems and security rooms.  Our StrongWeld custom automatic gate systems are the best in the business.  We are Florida’s TIBA parking equipment distributor.

Certainly we have a solution for you.  Request a quote for an access system from an FDC consultant today!  Offices in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Melbourne, Florida.