Defense Contractors

Defence Security

Defense contractors handle sensitive and classified information for national security. As such, they are full of sensitive data, technology and assets. This makes them susceptible to attacks, espionage and other threats. For this reason, their physical security needs are high.

Secure Gates

Florida is a state that is very supportive of military efforts and responsible for many technological advancements. Cities known for their military operations, defense research and aerospace activity are Orlando, Melbourne, Tampa, Cape Canaveral, Jacksonville, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Clearwater. Many of these facilities house electronics, communications systems, military technology and other classified assets. These facilities require top physical security solutions.

defense contractors

Perimeter security is the first step. It keeps unauthorized people out of places they don’t belong. Security gates, either manned or fully automated, stop vehicles before entry. Access control includes employee badging access cards, barcode labels, remote fobs, biometrics and other methods.  High security crash barriers and crash gates are available to mitigate hostile vehicular intrusions.  They can stop a tractor trailer in their tracks.

Additionally, pedestrian access is controlled in a similar fashion.  Here, security gates are replaced with pedestrian gates, revolving doors, mantraps and turnstiles.  CCTV monitors all of the above, and security monitors the campus with intruder detection systems and alarms.

For common areas and non-sensitive locations, ADA door openers make the facility more accessible to those with disabilities.

Lastly, for labs, hangers and other facilities that have high ceilings, roll up doors are available.  Commercial roll up doors and rolling steel doors are a great option where space is limited. Contact an FDC specialist for more information today.