Crash Gates

Crash gates are a type of access control system that prevent vehicles from forcing their way into a secure area. They enhance physical security at critical points in government buildings, military installations and other sensitive sites. Crash gates are built in such a way to mitigate the impact of a vehicle attempting to ram or breach a perimeter.

crash barrierTheir impact resistances comes from a variety of designs. Crash barriers are a long bar that goes across a road way with a heavy-duty steel cable going through it, anchored to two massive concrete pads buried underground. Wedge barriers hydraulically rise from the ground with similar concrete pads attached. There are even full-fledged gates at this point, built heavy and thick to resist forceful impact.

Various ratings are assigned to these gates to inform the end-user of its crash rating, or ability to withstand vehicular impact. These ratings are based on internationally recognized standards.

These can be integrated with various access controls for automation. They are the top measure for physical security at any entrance. They are designed to stop unauthorized vehicles and security breaches. While designs can vary, the rating reveals the stopping power and makes this the most critical component of any physical security infrastructure.

Crash Gates: Installations

military base security gateCrash gates may be needed to prevent vehicle-borne attacks on power plants, military installations, government buildings and transportation hubs. They reduce the chances of intrusion, sabotage, espionage and terrorist attacks.

Many government regulations and industry standards require facilities to have crash gates and other physical security measures installed. These are considered part of many security hardening protocols, and failure to comply can lead to legal risks as well as security risks.

These gates are used to manage high-traffic areas to control the flow of vehicles in parking garages, border crossings, restricted railway crossings and restricted-access commercial buildings and facilities.

At the end of the day, crash gates protect assets such as sensitive information, weapons, personnel, and more against theft, vandalism or worse. They prevent accidental entry or fully-intentional, force entry. If your facility restricts access due to safety concerns, a crash gate may be exactly what you need.