hvm meaning

HVM Meaning

HVM Meaning The meaning of HVM is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.  It is an acronym that is becoming popular around the variety of products available to stop hostile vehicles from entering your premises.  These devices come in a variety of forms.  Bollards, barriers, gates and other hardened barricades are extremely important […]
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exposure definition

Access Exposure Definition

What is an access exposure definition?  It is an analysis of your overall physical security.  Access control, surveillance and security gates are commonly installed methods of protection, but some things are often overlooked.   We take a look at some of the lesser know or commonly forgotten elements of physical security.  […]
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maximum security prison

Maximum Security Prison

Let’s take a look at the technology used for security in a maximum security prison.  Lots of technology is used to prevent escapes, infighting  and other unwanted activity.  Safety and security of these facilities is of paramount concern.  Because of this, these facilities employ a variety of technologies to keep […]
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access control in security

Access Control in Security

What is the role of access control in security?  Some people think of security as watching, monitoring and surveilling.  But that only supports a reactive approach to security.  To be truly secure, you need to take a proactive approach.  This involves a comprehensive access control solution.  Proper planning is required […]
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high security barrier gate

High Security Barrier Gate

What sort of high security barrier gate options are available?  We get this question a lot.  The honest answer is, yes, there are quite a few.  The thing about barrier gates is though, that most of them are only really considered deterrents.  To actually provide high security, you need something […]
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space bases protection

Space Bases

The United States is a pioneer in flight and space exploration. With a network of space bases around the country, the U.S. is focused on mastering what is required to explore and eventually travel the final frontier, outer space. What a time to be alive? With all the excitement around […]
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military base security gate

Military Base Security Gate

Military bases are some of the most secure locations on the Earth and require a lot of security checks.  When tasked with researching or procuring a military base security gate, there are a lot of things to consider.  Access control, personnel, surveillance and a whole lot more.  Let’s take a […]
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high security entrance gate

High Security Entrance Gate

A high security entrance gate is the number one method for keeping uninvited parties out of your facility or off of your property. The nature of your business determines the level of security you need, which affects everything from access control method to what materials the gates are constructed of. […]
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substation attacks

NERC CIP Standards

NERC & FERC Security Hardening The NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) and the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) are the two regulatory bodies responsible for overseeing the security and reliability of the electric grid in the US. The NERC establishes and enforces the standards (NERC CIP Standards) put into […]
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Amusement Park Turnstiles

Amusement Park Turnstiles Solution by FDC In September of this year FDC was brought in to custom build an access solution for Skywheel in Panama City Beach, FL involving amusement park turnstiles.  This giant Ferris wheel overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and Pier Park, and has 12 entry/exits that needed […]
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