Cantilever Gate

cantilever gateA cantilever gate is a sliding style gate suspended above the ground.  It is typically used as a security gate to a sensitive area in an industrial or commercial setting.  It slides horizontally along tracks or rails, supported only on one side.  This makes it different from a traditional slide gate or rolling gate.

The cantilever system uses a counterbalance system, which involves a large horizontal beam or I-beam extending from the gate post.  This kind of set up allows the gate to be place on a slope or incline, over a ditch or over another type of uneven terrain since no ground track is needed.  This eliminates the collection of dirt, debris, snow, ice, etc. you would find on a ground-based track.

Cantilever Gate Installation

Cantilever gates are great for security gates as they are very durable and difficult to force open.  These are often used in areas where security is a top priority.  Our typical StrongWeld Cantilever is constructed of chain link fabric with an anodized aluminum finish, however ornamental options are available.  They can be built to match your property’s aesthetic and built in a variety of fabrics, designs and finishes.  The installation is optimal for areas with limited space for a ground track.  Paired with your preferred access control method, these gates are a great choice for large openings and the requirement of heavy-duty security.

Remember: Cantilever gates need as much space behind the gate post as they do in front of it, so your typical cantilever gate is going to be twice the width of your opening.

FDC design-builds automated entries for commercial businesses, government buildings, power plants and substations, military bases and more. Gate systems are drafted and permitted as required, and all necessary security and safety measures are considered in the design. FDC warranties all service and installations and has been in business since 1978.  StrongWeld gates are fabricated in Melbourne, Florida and are available to ship anywhere in the U.S.