Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate Installation barrier gate

A barrier gate is the type of security gate you often find at the entrance to parking lots, gated communities or commercial facilities. They help enhance security by controlling traffic to and from the property. This reduces intrusion by deterring unauthorized vehicles from entering the area.

When coupled with access control such as key cards, fobs, access codes, remote controls or LPR (license plate recognition), this allows only authorized persons to activate the gate and enter the premises. Again, this type of barrier only acts as a deterrent from entrance, but entry can be forced if the intruder chooses to run through the gate arm. For a more secure style of barrier gate that cannot be run through, see our crash barriers page.

Barrier gates are invaluable at managing traffic flow. Used in parking lots and toll booths, they help regulate entry and exit of vehicles. This reduces congestion and improves efficiency in these areas. They also improve safety by preventing traffic jams and vehicular overflow. These barriers can be equipped with sensors to reverse direction when a pedestrian, vehicle or other obstacle is detected.

Cost-Effective Solution

This type of gate operator has a small footprint in comparison to other automatic gate options. Reduced operational and maintenance costs combined with an automated solution (that reduces labor costs) make a barrier gate the best first step in securing your location and protecting your property. Speak with an FDC access consultant today to be informed of all available access control solutions to control traffic where you need it controlled most.

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