Barcode Readers

barcode readers floridaBarcode readers are a hands-free access control method used by gated communities and parking garages everywhere.  They use laser technology to remotely scan a barcode label applied to a vehicle to prevent the driver from having to present a credential.  This keeps the driver safe from opening their window, exposing them to heat, cold, rain or possible intrusion.  A great access credential to tie in with security gates or any other type of automatic gate system.

Barcode Readers

These readers are built for accurate reads in all climates.  They are considered one of the fastest vehicle detection systems available.  They also have one of the lowest costs for individual credentials.  A decal is cheaper than a remote or a proximity card.  When it comes to high-traffic entrances with a large user base, barcode decals are the way to go.

FDC is an access control installation company that currently covers the state of Florida.  We install access systems with our StrongWeld automatic gates for power plants, government buildings, parking garages, utilities companies and other large scale clients.  Military bases as well as commercial warehouses all benefit from FDC’s expert gate repair services.  We offer gate maintenance plans to all of our customers.  These plans keep gate operators in proper working condition year-round, minimizing any downtime.

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