Ballistic Gates

The FDC StrongWeld Defender is the gate of choice when utilities, sub-stations, and other high-risk facilities are looking for ballistic gates.  While bulletproof gates are not a reality currently, this is the closest thing on the market.  Built with ballistic-rated panels, this gate is built to reduce damage from firearms and other ballistic-type attacks on vulnerable facilities.

FERC security hardening and NERC security hardening continues to be a focal point at many power plants, substations and similar utility providers throughout the nation.  While power companies and power co-ops look for solutions to protect their facilities from these attacks, FDC has been building and installing StrongWeld Defender gate systems to get ahead of the problem.  These help satisfy the NERC CIP standards for physical perimeter security.

ballistic gates

StrongWeld Defender Ballistic Gates by FDC Gates

To maximize security at these remote locations, many Power companies have opted to replace chain link fences with tall concrete walls and ballistic gates.  This helps prevent line of sight damage to equipment and makes facilities harder to enter.

FDC is Florida’s premiere automatic gate and access control company.  We design-build and install comprehensive security gate systems and solutions all across the state.  Access control solutions we provide include key switches, card readers, bar code readers, remote control transmitters, and RFID readers among others.

ballistic doorsStrongWeld Defender ballistic gates are available in a variety of sizes and designs as well as ballistic ratings.  Also available in pedestrian gates or man doors.  For more information on the gates FDC manufacturers, you can check out the StrongWeld Defender page.

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