Automatic Gate System

automatic gate systemSelecting the right automatic gate system for your facility includes several key factors; space, security needs, safety, and budget are just a few.  FDC has installed several fully automated gate systems in many high security locations throughout the years.  These sites range from power plants and substations for FPL and Duke Energy, to gates for NASA and other government locations.  We handle theme parks and commercial businesses as well as military bases. These different types of clients require different types of gates.

The style of gate really comes down to taste and available space.  Many high security locations like the industrial chain link look (which looks like a rolling chain link fence) while other commercial businesses want an ornamental look to match their brand’s aesthetic.  The gate’s finish can be an anodized aluminum for an industrial look or a powder coat for more weather resistance and/or curb appeal.

Swing gates require the least amount of space, and swing open and closed over the drive way.  They resemble doors, and aren’t quite as secure as a rolling gate or cantilever gate.  Sliding gates slide along a track and keep connection to the ground at all times.  These require a back track for the gate to rest on while the gate is in an open position.  A cantilever gate is like a sliding gate, however there is no track on the ground.  The gate is suspended and held against a central post while it slides back and forth over the ground.  Out of all of the gate types just described, the V-track slide gate is the most secure.

Automating Your Automatic Gate System

There are several types of gate access control options available to you.  Intercoms and telephone entry systems allow for 2-way communication before granting access to a visitor.  A keypad requires a user enter a specific code to gain entry.  Remote controls can be distributed to key personnel to conveniently open gates as they approach.  Card readers and or biometric access methods are even more secure than those options listed above.

Safety devices prevent gates from closing on visitors or vehicles.  Photoelectric sensors, safety loops, reversing edges and more and an important part of any automatic gate system.  Sometimes the installation of a barrier gate on the outside of a gate system create a secondary fail safe to prevent tailgating when one vehicle enters a property.

FDC design-builds automated entries for commercial businesses, government buildings, power plants and substations, military bases and more.  Gate systems are drafted and permitted as required, and all necessary security and safety measures are considered in the design.  FDC warranties all service and installations and has been in business since 1978.