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FDC (Florida Door Control of Orlando) is Florida's leading installer and supplier of access control, parking revenue control systems, security gates, automatic sliding doors! We provide design-build, turn-key installations and services all manner of access control and parking revenue control equipment. We are a GSA preferred government contractor and our StrongWeld security gates are the industry standard in Florida.

FDC is Florida’s leading service provider to gated communties in Florida, installing, servicing and maintaining their entrance gates, driveway gates, telephone entry systems, and other access control systems.

Our design build parking solutions include everything from concrete islands and vehicle access lanes, barrier arms and automated swing and slide gates (or electric rolling gates), attendant booths and guard stations, parking ticket dispensers and pay-in-lane stations, pay-on-foot pay stations, valet systems software, vehicle tracking systems and security and surveillance equipment.


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card access, badging, intercoms, access control software, telephone entry systems, barcode access & more

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automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, revolving doors, magnetic locks, ADA door openers & more
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slide gate operators, swing gate operators, barrier gates, security gates, garage tilt gates & more.
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parking revenue equipment, parking management software, vehicle access, 24/7 emergency service, & more
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security/surveillance cameras, cctv, dvrs, 
monitoring rooms & stations, & more

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FDC Parking Solutions
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About The Company

Florida Parking Solutions

FDC (Florida Door Control of Orlando) is TIBA’s (T.I.B.A.) Florida parking solutions distributor. We install valet parking systems in all manner of venue from convention centers and arenas to hotels and resorts from offices in Jacksonville, Miami / Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Melbourne and Orlando.

FDC also services and repairs existing parking equipment installations.  Our skilled technicians have experience working on Amano, Digital Payment Technologies, and Magnetic Autocontrol parking equipment as well as our TIBA (T.I.B.A.) parking systems.

FDC manufactures StrongWeld Gates, the best security gates in the industry.  For more information on StrongWeld, automatic sliding gates visit our security gates page, or for parking garage gates visit our tilt gates page.

FDC is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractor in the state of Florida. EF-0001068 | CBC-057943


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